Succession, also known as Probate, is a legal process whereby we transmit title and ownership of a deceased person’s assets to the proper recipients.  If there are any inheritance taxes due, they are paid as part of the succession process.  If the decedent left a Will then the procedure is called a “testate succession” and the Will is probated (i.e., proven).  The succession process transfers ownership to the proper recipients (called legatees under the Will).  If the decedent did not have a Will, it is called an “intestate succession” and Louisiana law steps in to determine the rightful recipients (called heirs).

A succession must be completed (or at least opened) in order to sell property that the decedent owned.  This is true even if the decedent’s Will left all of his property to his spouse.  If property is being sold, the succession is needed to change title on that property from the deceased husband’s name to the wife’s name only (or to the children with a “usufruct” to the wife if there was no Will).  The final and most important document issued in a succession is called the “Judgment of Possession.”   It acts as a “deed” to transfer title to real estate, or to transfer title to vehicles, bank accounts, stocks, brokerage accounts, business interests, etc.


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