Succession, also known as Probate, is a legal process whereby we transmit title and ownership of a deceased person’s assets to the proper recipients. If the decedent left a Will then the procedure is called a “testate succession” and the Will is probated (i.e., proven).  The succession process transfers ownership to the proper recipients (called legatees under the Will).  If the decedent did not have a Will, it is called an “intestate succession” and Louisiana law steps in to determine the rightful recipients (called heirs)


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Services Include:

- Revocable Living Trusts 
- Wills and Living Wills
- Powers of Attorney
- Successions 
- Charitable  Remainder Trusts
- Gift Trusts
- Special Needs Trusts 
- Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
- Credit Shelter Trusts
- Family Limited Partnerships/LLC

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