Do I really need a Health Care Power of Attorney (HCPOA)?

This is the person who will communicate with doctors and medical facilities on your behalf. They will be your HIPAA representative, and have the authority to admit you to the hospital or nursing home, to gain access to your medical records, and sign any paperwork on your behalf.

Sometimes these agents differ from the persons chosen for your POA over assets, as these are the folks who you want to be empathetic.  These people are not controlling your accounts or assets.  Usually these are members of your family, even if they are not the best financial managers.  It is not a good idea to have Co-Agents here although we can place an “or” between agents, which means that any of your designated agents may act on your behalf.

The HCPOA includes the legal name, relationship, address and telephone for your agents.  It is also a good idea to put cell phone numbers here as the hospital may need to get in touch with them quickly!

THIS DOCUMENT IS NOT YOUR LIVING WILL a/k/a ADVANCE DIRECTIVE.  The Living Will is a separate document—a contract between YOU and YOUR PHYSICIAN.  Your Living Will should override your HCPOA agent, although the choice is yours.  All estate planning documents are thoroughly explained at the time of execution.


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